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Looking into vape essentials?  Have you been thinking of getting rid of the cigarettes? Considering trying Vaping, but not sure where to begin? What are the vape essentials? Worried you won’t be able to quit because you still crave that punch you get from that first drag?  Here are some options for you to check out.
First, they are not burned tobacco products. Most often, they contain nicotine solutions that are heated to make a vapor (hence the terms vape or vaping), and they’re usually powered by batteries. Some look like cigarettes and others can resemble flashlights. … E-cigarettes don’t necessarily contain nicotine.

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Quality Vape Essentials

Picking your device

If you’ve chosen a kit with a higher resistance coil and lower power, you might want a higher nicotine content. Vaping this way will give you a more intense nicotine experience because the concentration will be higher. You’ll still get a great vape using juice with lower nicotine content, but for a more intense feeling of satisfaction, you should use 12mg/ml or above. You can’t use this juice in high-powered devices because the resulting flavor and sensation would be harsh (possibly very harsh!).

If you’re just transitioning from smoking, we recommend selecting a liquid with a little more nicotine – perhaps 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml.

Quality Vaporizers and other vape essentials are hard to find. The balance between head and juice to create the best taste. You want a quality vaporizer to give you the satisfaction you desire. That thick tasty vapor that satisfies you every time. With Eastern Vapors you will find those vape essentials for all your needs.  Quality Vaporizers isn’t all you will find here.


G Pen Elite VaporizerDesigned for superior vaporization of your ground material, The G PEN Elite brings the same style and quality you’ve come to expect from Grenco Science and improves upon it.

Ergonomic Design

The G PEN line is known for its style, and The Elite has taken that to the next level. The new ergonomic design features a compact body engineered for ultimate portability without sacrificing its stylish appearance.

State of the Art Technology

The G Pen Elite features custom temperatures and a brilliant new LED interface that shows the current temperature and battery life. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up, even with one of the largest chambers on the market. This fully ceramic chamber allows for 360% heating on all sides, which provides unparalleled flavor.


Quality Vaperizers

This is one of the most compact 200W  temperature control (TC) box mods on the market. The R200 has a 600 degree Fahrenheit maximum temperature, a 0.06 Ohm minimum resistance, and an adjustable initial resistance. It is compatible with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium wire. This box mod’s sleek body is constructed with aluminum alloy and zinc alloy, creating a lightweight yet reliable design.


  •  TC Resistance Range: 0.06 – 2.0 Ohm
  • VW Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0 Ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200 – 600 degrees FahrenheitImage result for people vaping
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Alloy
  • Size: 85.5x55x23mm
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • Eight battery vent holes
  • Brass battery contacts
  • Spring-loaded center pin
  • OLED display
  • Micro USB port
  • Compatible with SS/Ni200/Ti wire
  • Adjustable initial resistance
  • Safety features
  • Requires 2x 18650 batteries

Tanks and Coils

Coils are important. And these apply to any kind of device. These small heating elements are included in every device. They are inside the tank and need to be replaced regularly per your device’s instructions. Coils wear out over time: the constant process of heating and cooling leads to the vapor developing a bitter taste. When your juice doesn’t taste quite as good as it normally does, that means it’s time to change your coil. For many vapers this is about once per week.Get all of your quality vaporizer needs. Turbocharge your vape with the Arctic Turbo Sub Ohm Tank. Its innovative Sextuple coil design and turbine will provide you the thickest and richest clouds you have ever seen. After vaping with this Beast you’ll never look back.


Quality VaporizersWe recommend you get spares with your first device so you always have them on hand when you need them. You’ll need to get the coil that is compatible with your device.

The Aspire Cleito 120 Replacement utilizes Aspire’s new Maxi Watt coil, deploying a clapton structure wicked by pure organic cotton. And is now rated at 0.16 ohms to allow for class leading output capability up to 120W. Like the original Cleito, the Maxi Watt coil design replaces the static chimney. Greatly increasing effective cross sectional airflow while outputting fantastic flavor and vapor efficiency.

Quality Vaporizer Products at Great Pricing and Availability Everyday

Great Variety of E-juice for all Tastes

Your last decision is flavor, and this really is an individual choice. We make it easy by listing the vape juice we stock by flavor profile. We recommend that when starting out you try a few different flavors in two different strengths (depending on your device). This way you can find the combination that’s right for you. Over 100 premium quality juice flavors with the best deals around.

“HONEY DO”  Quality Vaperizers

Unlike your typical honeydew e-liquids, Uncle Junk’s “Honey Do” is a refreshing combination of honeydew melon along with other juicy summer melons. “Honey Do” is perfect for people who are searching for a sweet & fruity e-liquid

AIR FACTORY Quality Vaporizers

Unlock the mystery with a with a tasty candy and delicious mixture of berries and wild assortment of sweet fruits. From Mystery, Blue Raz to Wild Apple – great full taste that has the fruity full flavors you love.




Take some fresh green apples glazed in pure strawberry guts then drizzled with bubble gum syrup. This is not your normal fruit e juice, this is a mixture which grasps two of your five senses in a choke hold!

These are just a couple of the collections available.  Go Here to find your favorites today!

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