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Response Magic Set Up

Response Magic Set up Guide – Step by Step

Response Magic Set Up Guide

Have you been trying to understand how to place Response Magic on your site? Every time you try you seem to be missing something? That is okay because I am going to walk you through it right here! Yes that’s right I am going to give you step by step instructions on how to add Response Magic to your site.

The Beginning

So I know the you tube video says for you to copy and paste the Thank You page. No Need! We have improved the system and made it so you already have the thank you page waiting for you on your site. Next question, How do you find it? That is a fantastic question!

The Thank You Page

First you will need to login to your Admin dashboard for your WordPress website. On the left hand side of the dashboard is a list of options, locate pages and click it. This is where you will find the list of pages. There will be several pages of these pages. At the top right corner you will see a search box, put your cursor in the box and type “Thank you” then click the search button or hit the “enter” button on the keyboard. Now you should see a “thank you” page below. Click on it to open it up. From there you will be able to edit the page. The picture has the search box circled with an arrow pointing to it.

You will want to change the name of the website. It most likely says “Garret’s Offers”. You can choose what you would like to name your page or just put your URL there. Make sure to change the name at the bottom of the page as well. Try reading the page then add to or take way from the content so that is reflects what you would like it to say. Then click the blue “update” button on the right hand side of the screen to save your work.

View Your Work

Now, since all that is done, you are going to look for the “View Page” button at the very top in the greenish bar. Click that button to take you to the page. This is where you can see what your page will look like and also get your perma-link. The next step is to go to the Response Magic site and get set up. Go to the link below so we can get your account set up..Its FREE!


Your Free Account

Now click on “Create My Free Account”, then enter your name and email. Create a Username and Password. Make sure to make a note about your username and password. Then click “Create My Account”. This will take you to the next page. DO NOT PUT A CREDIT CARD IN! Scroll down and locate the “No Thanks” button and click it. Now you should be directed to another page that says, “Get Started…” you will see a pink bar that asks you to verify your email address. You will need to go to your email. Find the email they sent you and click the link to verity your account. This will take you back to Response Magic where you will have access to everything you need to set up your account.

Opt-in Form

You want to create an opt-in form and an email list. Let’s start with an email list….go to “Create”at the top of the page, and click on email list. On the next page, you will be creating a title for your list. Put your URL or the name you created for your page, then click “Add List”.

Your new List will always be at the bottom of this page. Right now you only have one so that is not an issues but so you know when you add a new list you will find it at the bottom. You will need to fill out the info that is required, First and Last name, email and Confirmation URL. The email you use for this needs to be one you will be able to respond to so, if you need to set up a business email, do so now and then come back to us! It will look like the picture to the left.


Your Confirmation URL is the Permalink…..What is a Permalink???? Go back to your “thank you” page. Make sure you are in the view site mode not in your admin dashboard. Now locate the bar at the top of the page that has your .com in it. Highlight all the wording and copy and paste that into the box for the Confirmation URL. Then click “Update”. In the Picture, there is a circle around it with an arrow pointing to the Permalink.

Next is the Opt-In form, so scroll up to the top and find “Create” again. And click “opt-in form”. This is how people sign up for your emails and get updates about Your AWESOME offers!!

The Steps

Step 1: Select a existing list by clicking on “select a list’ then click the list you just created.

Step 2: Your call to action should be clear directions.  Here is an example:“Register to be Updated as Offers are added to www.1t31.com.” You can copy this statement and paste it into the “Your Heading” box for Response Magic. You can choose the color you would like to make your wording. I like Blue so I went with blue.

Then there is a box that says, “Your Call to Action”. This is where you will put “So you will not miss a single new thing from us”. You can change the wording if you like, I kept it simple and to the point. On this part you want to use only words not symbols including (” or ‘). Go ahead and skip the YouTube part and leave it blank.

Step 3: This one we are going to leave blank and not worry about it.

Step 4: It says “Get Instant Access” right now….I like to change that to “Stay Informed”. If you want, you can change the color of the button as well.

Step 5: There are a few question and things to do on this part so we will go step by step…

  • Select “NO” for the Facebook opt-in.
  • On your privacy statement you need to remove “Rory Ricord” from the white box and replace it with your URL or your page name.
  • Select “NO” on the notifications everytime someone fills out the opt-in form.
  • On the What action do you want to take once the form is filled out and submitted, you want to click on the “Go to Custom URL”. You will need the Permalink for your “Thank you” page again. Copy and paste this into the box next to Go to Custom URL.
  • The next one that says “Include Powered by message below form is optional. so you can choose if you want that, or not.

The Response Magic Code

That is all of the information you will need to complete this. Now click on “Submit & Get Code”.  You will see a new page pop up. There are a few options available, you want option 2. There is a box with what looks like gibberish typed in it, that is coding. You are going to highlight the whole thing, then copy it.

Great! We are almost done. You are going to go back to your admin dashboard for your blog site. On the left hand side locate “Appearances”.  Click it. A sub menu will appear under the word “Appearances”. Now find “Widgets” and click that.

Place The Code

You should see a couple of different thing there, on the right side you will find “Available Widgets”. On the left side you will see 4 different things: Left of menu, Right content sidebar, Footer 1 and Footer 2. We are going to do a couple things here for you to be able to get future things taken care of as well.

On the left side you are going to find the box that says “Text”. Click and hold the button and drag it to the “Right Content Sidebar”. You will want to do this twice so that you have 2 “text” boxes there. In the top “Text” box click the arrow so that it opens the box up. This is where you are going to place your Response Magic Code. Leave the “Title” box blank and paste the Response Magic Code in the “Content” area. Don’t forget to click the Save button at the bottom right corner of the box. Your Widgets page should look just like the picture to the right. OK that is done. You should have the Response Magic box on your page now.



Here is also a YouTube video by Rory Ricord to help you in setting up Response Magic.

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