Paid Social Media Jobs

Fed up with 8-5 jobs?  Play on Facebook and Twitter with Paid Social Media jobs.  This Single Mother Makes Over $700 per Week Helping Businesses With Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts… And Now You Can Too!

Hi, I’m Annie Jones. This is my story…

Paid social media jobs changed my life. Like most single parents my mornings are pretty busy with the mad dash to get the kids out of bed, washed, dressed and fed in time to leave for school.  I love this time though because I know that once the stress of getting them to school is over, I get to go home and start ‘work’. That might sound a little strange because not a lot of people love their jobs.  I used to be the same but my life has changed. I now LOVE getting back home to start work.

Everything changed when another mother that I’d just met showed me a check she had received just for posting on Facebook.  I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Hearing!  How had I never heard of this before?!? She told me that there are millions of businesses hiring for these positions right now, I started to get really excited and asked her a barrage of questions. She taught me everything that she knew and connected me with some employers the very same day.  I had my first paid job within 24 hours.

Work for me involves logging on to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, reading and replying to some comments and scheduling some posts for the day. The businesses that I do this for don’t have the time to do this.  It’s not enough work to hire someone full time.  Now I am the one earning hundreds of dollars each week just for playing around on Facebook and Twitter!

The best part is that ANYONE who knows how to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can do this. There are millions of businesses around the world hiring for these positions RIGHT NOW!  Your life too can change for the better.


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