Nerve Health by Nutri-Path

Do you have nerve pain and haven’t found a solution?  These products have had amazing results for many.  See how they can help you.

NeuroPlenish and NeuroCharge by Nutripath. 

It is never too late to care about your health. Take a swing at life with NutriPath, the path to nutrition.  Release yourself from nerve pain and try our products for relief today! 

NutriPath has performed extensive research to design and formulate their nerve health products. Every formula contains clinically studied amounts of the most beneficial ingredients.  Both products re-nourish the nerves by utilizing a unique custom blend of vitamins and herbs. These formulas, designed to build up in the body, also provide the proper nutrients to support healthy nerve function. Not to mention when your nerves are healthy your body will feel amazing.*

NeuroCharge™ is a special blend of vitamins and other nutrients that work together to specifically support the nervous system without Vitamin B. We only use the purest and most readily absorbed ingredients in NeuroCharge.  For this reason, every dose is designed to do your body good.*  Revitalizes mental focus and energy.*  Increases blood flow to muscle tissue.* Supports nerve health including damaged nerves in the hands and feet.*  Try the product for 60 days to see if it’s right for you.*  After 60 days if you haven’t seen any results we recommend trying NeuroPlenish.* 

NeuroPlenish™ is a unique blend of special forms of vitamins designed to work together to support optimal nerve health.* NeuroPlenish is a complete nerve health support system* composed of the most available, high quality B vitamins, vitamin D and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  As a result you will find that it is formulated to support circulation.*  NeuroPlenish targets nutrients for muscle function* and replenishes nutrients to your nervous system.  Try the product for 60 days to see if it’s right for you.  After 60 days if you haven’t seen any results we recommend trying NeuroCharge.*


1 year satisfaction guarantee with Member’s most recent purchase. 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked – Shipping and handling costs not included.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Results may vary from person to person.

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