Interview Secrets You Need to Know

Interview secrets that we all need to know are here.  We are in a time when jobs are scarce and the need to “ace” that interview is so important.  Discover here proven interview techniques guaranteed to get you hired.  This book is for everyone!  The job interview is the single most important step in the hiring process. In order to get that “perfect” job this is a must read.

Don’t even think about going on another interview before you read this! You might be making one of the three deadly interview mistakes costing you multiple job offers without even knowing it!  99% of current job seekers are making the same fatal interview mistakes that are preventing them from getting hired!  Avoid costly mistakes and use these proven techniques to ace that interview.

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Robert Lawrence has been a recruiter for Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years.  With this much interviewing experience he has learned what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.  He has truly seen it all from the one who aces the interview to the person who completely bombs and everything in between.  Even realizing that there were secrets to successful interviewing that only a select few knew about. And through the years, as he interviewed more and more people, he learned many more “tricks of the trade,” and “secrets weapons” that only elite job seekers used in their interviews.

The biggest secret he learned is that there are certain, distinct patterns of those who get hired and those who walk away empty handed. Those patterns are so obvious that he is able to spot them within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone

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Going on an interview without fixing these mistakes is like throwing darts at a dartboard while being blindfolded and expecting to hit a bullseye!

But it’s not that job seekers who make these mistakes are dumb, stupid or even “bad” people. It doesn’t even have anything to do with work experience or a resume. In fact many of the people who bomb have the most impressive resumes and sophisticated work experience. So why don’t they get hired?

Simply because they don’t understand the “patterns” of the successful interviewers!

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