The terms ‘health‘ and ‘fitness‘ are often used interchangeably these days, but there are important differences between them, even though they do interact.  ‘Health’ is a general term describing the overall status of a person.  ‘Fitness’ on the other hand, is more a measure of the amount of physical capability than a measure of well being.

Health and Fitness is something most of us neglect.  That being said, our health is probably the one area that can improve your life faster than anything.  To emphasize, proper nutrition is the key to living healthier, better, fuller and longer lives.  Look below for different ways to improve your overall health.

Artisan Soaps & Natural Products

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays there comes a time when you just need to take time for yourself.  Time to unwind and de-stress.  So what’s better the creating your own spa environment at home?  You are about to experience a product with uncompromising quality, functionality and unequaled ingredients. Luxurious Natural Body Care Products are what your skin needs to add nutrients and nourishment to your body. Choose from artisan soaps to body buttercreme to lip mend and spa minerals.  Also available are collections of your favorite products. Browse through these products to find your favorites today!

Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Dr. Oz concluded that the use of virgin coconut oil is a tool for weight loss by speeding up metabolism. He referred to it as “the miracle fat that fights fat” and “this is the fat you eat to lose the fat you don’t want”.  It turns out that the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in Coconut Oil are actually some of the most healthy “good for you” fats occurring in nature…

And for dozens of years, doctors told patients to AVOID these (actually GOOD) fats because they cause health problems.  Learn more here to see how coconut oil can help with weight loss.


Sleep Better with Dreameasy 

You will sleep better with Dreameasy.  Get ready for peaceful, restful sleep.  This is cutting edge science delivering an all natural solution for you to get the rest you need.   Specifically, this truly remarkable (and non addictive) product allows you to fall asleep and gain proper sleep.  With this in mind, live better through better sleep with Dreameasy.  Get the details Here:


Keto and Keto Diets are trending to control diet and fat loss.  The issue begins with fat.  We need healthy fats.  Fortunately, you can supercharge your carbohydrate tolerance before any carbohydrate-containing meal in just a few minutes with unique and hard-to-come-by nutrients.  With this in mind, Ketoboost will allow your body to go into a natural metabolic process where fat cells are broken down –  releasing energy and ketones.  See it all here:

Lupus An Autoimmune Disease

A chronic disease that wasn’t very well known until recently when actors and musicians telling there stories.  Find a list of resources to learn more.

Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook

Healthy Eating is part of Healthy Living.  We all need to focus on it, because it is a key part to a healthy and long life.  Here you can learn how to cook to increase metabolism, so you can get fat loss while you are eating.  Great for us all. Cook for better Energy Here.

NUTRIPATH  NeuroCharge and NeuroPlenish

This is Nerve Health at its finest.  Science has a way to give back feeling and nerves to your HANDS – CIRCULATION – FEET.  As we age, we can lose feelings in our fingers, toes, feet and hands.  See what NeuroCharge and NeuroPlenish can do to correct it!  See it here:


Recover from your day and do more without pain and soreness.   Want to be active longer? Then you need to help your body recover.  This patented product is here to help and its results speak for themselves.  Recover and Restore Here:

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