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Are you having trouble getting Google AdSense to accept your blog site? Well, you are not alone, lots of people find themselves at the point of not understanding what they need to do to be approved. I am going to help you with the exact points that Google is looking for to get your site ‘Google AdSense‘ approved.

If you do the steps I put in this layout then you will be approved. It is a proven fact by many people that I have helped to get approval with Google that this works. I understand the frustration that can come with not reaching your goal. So let understand what you need!

First you need to drive traffic to your site. You can do this in many different ways.

  • Ask your friends and family to check it out and to spread the word about your site. Word of mouth is a powerful way of advertising. Even handing out cards that have your website on it is a great way of getting traffic
  • Classified Free Ad Sites

    • Post to free Classified Ad sites. We have a list of these you can use and they are all free: http://roryricord.com/free-classified/ You should have at least 6000 posts. Volume is the key – the more the better!
  • Social Media is super important

    • Yes Google can track if you have traffic coming to your site from Social Media. Everyone is connected in some way with Social Media. Google is big on you having the social networking where people will find your site in one of the biggest way of communication these days. Here are a few we suggest using.
      • Facebook
      • Twitter

      • Linked In

      • You Tube

      • Google +

      • Pinterest

  • You need your pages and posts to have the SEO to be green and the Readability to be green.
    • To check this:
      • From the Dashboard, go to Pages, All Pages.
      • All the pages of your site will be listed.
      • You will see whether they are published or Draft, so click on Published.  It also shows the status of SEO and Readability on the right.
      • We have the Yoast SEO tool to show us what needs to be changed for these to go green. Read the following articles to find out the ways to change the required problems on your page.
    • Passive Voice

    • Transition Words

    • Flesch Reading Ease

  • Each one of your pages and and posts needs to have more than 300 words. The more words the better. Try to make your pages between 600 & 1,000 words.  You want to have rich content so don’t just stuff your article with meaningless chatter. Research your topic and get some information and facts to put in your pages/posts. Less than 300 word will be viewed as incomplete articles and Google will not approve.
  • Be sure to modify this content by 40 -50% on every page. Make it your own.
  • You will also need original content. An easy way to do this is to make a monthly post. Tell a story or relate a personal experience about the month, holiday, a vacation, then tie it to an offer or three. Include links to those offer pages on your site.
  • You need a few articles that are lengthy. If you can get 2-4 pages to be 1000 words or more then this will help. It shows Google that you are creating meaningful pages with useful information
  • There are a few things you should never have on your site! These things will get you banned from Google AdSense.Google AdSense
    • Adult content

    • Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization

    • Recreational drugs and drug-related content

    • Hacking and cracking content

    • Misrepresentative content

    • Violent content

    • Content that enables dishonest behavior

    • Illegal content

      Google AdSense

  • Keywords are important. You want to have your keywords show up in your pages several times. However do not stuff your page with the word so that it is a redundant word. Use it in a respectful way and refer to it as needed. Unique keywords are important. Change the keyword that came with the page template.Key tips on your Keyword usage, make sure you have your keyword in the following:
    • The URL

    • The title and H1 tags

    • The first sentence

    • Subheadings

    • Image file names and alt text

    • The meta description

    • In at least 1 link to related content

  • Your flow or navigation needs to be clean and clear. If people can’t go through your pages/posts easily they will leave your site. So make sure that the flow of your site is understandable! No one wants to fight to find what they are looking for.
    • Each offer page should be
      • mentioned in that category page copy
      • have a link from the category page to the offer page
    • From the Dashboard, go to Pages, All Pages.
      • Verify that all pages listed as Published are actually on your web site and listed on your menu in the proper category and in alphabetical order.
      • The ones that are not, or are not ready, change to Draft mode.
    • Check your links!

      • These are errors that really put Google off, ERROR 404. This is a link that is broken and leads nowhere. This is a navigational thing you must check.
    • Pictures links are also important.

      I know one day your pictures are fine and the next you find 2 or more that are broken. Why? Too many reasons to go into, however just simply reapply the picture or get a new one. Sometimes you don’t need to know why you just need to take care of business.


    • If you just stop adding to your site then Google will think you are just not really serious about your site. You should be adding offers or articles to your site once you have all your pages/posts to Google standards. This is going to keep you current and active in Google’s eyes. You want to add at least 2 pages a month. If you really want to succeed at this you will do 2 pages a week and they will be on current topics in the news, trends and hot offers that are in demand.
    • These are offers you can get right now that are in demand:

Google AdSenseNow that you have the Outline of how to get Google AdSense, you should have the ability to know how to knock it out of the park! No more confusion and no more googling what you can do to get approved! You have it all right here for you. So get your site into shape and go get Google AdSense.

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