Designer Art Clothing & Accessories

Designer Art Clothing & Accessories – Have you ever found that piece of art that you got lost in?  Or a piece that was so calming and peaceful?  And that one exciting piece that just exhilarated you?  Now you can find this type of artwork on clothing and accessories.  Vida works with creative artists to place their artwork on items such as scarves, skirts, bags, jewelry and more.

Product View - Modal Scarf titled Cabbage Roses in Pink

VIDA connects artists with craftspeople and manufacturers to source and design products. The use of direct-to-fabric digital printing enables VIDA to produce one-of-a-kind items at scale.  They work with a wide range of designers, including photographers, illustrators, artists, and many more.  In fact, all pieces use original artwork and is representative of the artists’ hopes and vision for the future.


Find beautifully printed tees & tops, pants, skirts & wraps.

Accessories include scarves, bags, wallets, stationary, jewelry and much more.

The VIDA Statement Bag features bold, vivid prints, complete with genuine cow-hide leather straps, leather base, and trims. The most coveted VIDA accessory of the year. Accessorize with this bag for a statement look that turns heads and sparks conversations – around town or across the world.  You will also find clutches and tote bags here.

Lush and lightweight scarves range from Modal, cashmere, wool and silk.    Modal — a trade name for “high wet modulus” rayon — developed to have a higher wet strength than regular viscose rayon. Modal fabric feels silky-soft on the skin yet is hard-wearing and colorfast when dyed. This makes it ideal for many garments, and Modal has become a popular fabric for underwear and leisure clothes. Lenzing Modal is made exclusively in Austria and uses eco-friendly processes throughout production.  Scarves are an elegant accessory for any season or style.

Jewelry collections include pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets.  Find that perfect piece to accent your favorite wardrobe piece.

The VIDA accent pillow (square & oblong) is made in Turkey, with machine washable 100% cotton fabric cover. The pillows arrive in a compressed bag and are delivered to your doorstep in approximately 3 weeks after purchase.  We have 2 sizes available: 20” x 20” and 12” x 20”.  Check out the collections here. Also found in the Home category is tapestries and candles.  So coordinate your home accessories from the same artist today.


Find featured collections that appeal to the artist that resides within you.  Here is one of my favorite collections.  Please feel free to browse and find your favorite piece.  Categories found in Featured Collections are:



Vida collaborated with Cher who designed her own exclusive limited collection.  You can find her collection here.


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