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During the hustle and bustle of every day life there comes a time when you just need to relax.  Take time for yourself to unwind and de-stress.  So what’s better than creating your own relaxing environment at home?  You are about to experience a product with uncompromising quality, functionality and unequaled ingredients. Your skin is the largest organ of your body but yet many people neglect it.  Most will do whatever to make their skin feel soft or smell great.  If they knew more about how those creams and scents affected their body they would probably make a quick change to these gentle natural products.
Luxurious Body Products

Pumpkin is a smell that brings great memories of family times together. The smells of holiday pies cooking and good food fills the air.  That wonderful smell brings memories of wonderful meals filled with love and good times.  So it is with PUMPKIN PIE ARTISAN SOAP .  I get that warm love in the air feeling that is awesome. Bringing back wonderful memories of family get togethers and holiday traditions – a great time in my life. Check it out and add it to your collection.

Luxurious Body Care Products

Luxurious Natural Body Care Products are what your skin needs to add nutrients and nourishment to your body. Choose from artisan soaps to body buttercreme to lip mend and spa minerals.  Also available are collections of your favorite products.

These handmade artisan soaps are the best. Try them for yourself and see where it takes you. I know growing up and walking out on my doorstep being hit with the smell of the flowers that my mother use to have.  It was wonderful. The aroma of roses and peonies take me back to a time of fond memories. That is the power of aromatherapy.

luxurious natural body care

The Luxurious Artisan Soaps are made with only food grade ingredients that will “feed your skin” and add moisture. The Artisan Soaps are a pleasing work of art and also offer amazing skin nourishing benefits. If you want to add to this “Spa Experience” in your shower you should try using our Sugar Whip… has a nice cookie dough texture in the jar but when you add it to your skin in the shower it instantly melts and gently exfoliates while adding the moisture you need. To top it off when you get out of the shower you are ready for the luxury of Body Butter.

luxurious natural body care


The natural ingredients in lip mend heals sore lips and has a great “flavor” as each one is “flavored” with a perfect blend of essential oils.


luxurious natural body care


Our Luxurious Natural Body Care products are all made with only natural ingredients and scented with the highest quality of essential oils.

heel butter


We also offer a Heel Butter like no other. Use this product on dry cracked heels and notice a difference as little as three days!


Take a look at our Luxurious Natural Body Care Products in a quick glance:

  • Artisan Soap
  • Hand and body emulsion
  • Body Butter Creme
  • Organic Cane Sugar Whip
  • Heel Butter
  • Butter Bombs
  • Lip Mend
  • Collections

These are great gifts for anyone in your life!

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